Jim Green is not only a professional photgrapher, but a minister of the Gospel. He is an poet, artist, musician and author of several books, sales trainer, teacher, conference and seminar speaker as well as a social media network consultant and website developer. As of 2018, Jim has served several hundred men as pastor/preacher/counselor in rehab, as well as manage a weekly prayer band of men and disciple individual believers.

As an intercessor, he has served over eighteen years as webservant of www.prayertower.org. Via this world-wide prayer ministry, he has routed over a million prayer requests to multiple churches and posted over six-thousand lessons/devotionals. Having been interviewed and recognized by local newspaper and television, he performs most of his work without recognition and works with any church in matters of prayer and disciple-making. Jim's videos can be found at www.YouTube.com/PTservant and www.prayertower.org/MediaVideo.htm.
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